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Hearing loss is something to take seriously because it can affect your relationships and it can influence the way we connect with our friends and loved ones.

Hearing Aids St Augustine has a team of experts waiting to help you with your hearing healthcare! We want to help you reconnect with others around you by helping you hear better. Give us a call today to schedule your hearing test St Augustine FL!

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About Hearing Aids St Augustine

At Hearing Aids St Augustine, we focus on YOU and what your needs are. Our team will work with you to find hearing solutions so that you can enjoy the sounds that you’ve been missing.

We know that you are active and care for your family and spend time with friends. Don’t let hearing loss slow you down. Our team of hearing care specialists St Augustine FL understands that you want to be connected with others and you want to get the most out of life. We want to make sure that you never miss out on family conversations or laughing with friends over funny stories or hearing the birds chirp when you go on a walk.

Hearing is an important part of life, and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of life by providing you with the best hearing solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to help you by giving comprehensive tests, providing top of the line hearing aids St Augustine FL, and giving you excellent follow up care.

Give us a call today to set up your appointment with one of our hearing care specialists ST Augustine FL! We can’t wait to help you!

Why Choose Us?

We have been privileged to help the community of St Augustine with their hearing needs for many years. We have established relationships with our patients that have lasted a long time. We give continuous care by seeing them a few times a year for hearing aid checks and hearing aid adjustments. This helps us keep abreast of their hearing healthcare.

At Hearing Aids St Augustine, our patients are our number one priority and because we have the best service in town, they often refer their friends and family to us. They know that we will take good care of them and provide the best hearing solutions by helping them find what hearing aids are best for their hearing loss.

Why choose us over our competitors? Here is a list of reasons why:

  • Why choose us over our competitors? Here is a list of reasons why:
  • Your satisfaction is important to us
  • Our passion is helping you hear better
  • Knowledgeable and friendly team
  • We work with all hearing aid brands
  • We give exceptional
  • We offer custom earmolds and swimmer’s earplugs
  • We offer batteries and accessories
  • We provide a 30 day money back guarantee

We know that you will enjoy coming to Hearing Aids St Augustine. We have highly trained professionals that are dedicated to helping you hear better. Make your appointment today for your free hearing test and consultation! Call now!

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What To Expect

At Hearing Aids St Augustine, our team of specialists are skilled in performing hearing tests that are thorough and accurate. They can recommend the best hearing aids for your unique hearing loss.

When you arrive at our office, we will greet you with a smile and ask you to give us some information regarding your health and hearing history. We will also talk about your listening environments and lifestyle needs.

We will take a look in your ears with an otoscope to make sure that there is nothing obstructing your eardrums. We want to make sure your ear canals and eardrums look healthy.

We give a tympanometry test that helps check the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum.

Next, we will give you some headphones to wear and give you a pure tone test and bone conduction test. These tests help us to know what kind of sounds you can hear at different frequencies and sound levels.

A speech test is given which helps us understand the softest level that you can accurately repeat back speech.

After the tests, our audiologist will go over the results of the audiogram with you and recommend the best hearing solutions for your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Styles

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Our Hearing Aid Services

At Hearing Aids St Augustine our number one concern is your hearing healthcare. Our providers look forward to your questions and we listen to your concerns. Call us today for your free hearing test!

Hearing Aids

We keep up on the latest technology and features available by learning from the different hearing aid manufacturers about the newest hearing aids on the market. This helps us provide the best hearing solutions for each person that we see. If you’re in need of St Augustine hearing aids, give us a call!

Hearing Loss Help

We are able to repair most brands of hearing aids in our office. We can often fix minor repairs of your hearing aid while you wait. If we can't fix the problem, we will send it to the manufacturer or a lab for repair. We have loaner hearing aids that we can let you use while your hearing aid is being repaired. Call for your hearing aid repair St Augustine!

Hearing Loss

You may have noticed that you can’t hear when you are in large gatherings or at a restaurant. Maybe you ask people to repeat themselves or turn the TV volume up so loud that others leave the room. If you have experienced any of these situations, then you may have signs of hearing loss. We recommend that you come and see us right away for your hearing test St Augustine so that we can help you hear better!

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

We offer professional hearing aid cleaning. We have equipment that can clean your hearing aids in the hard to reach places. We recommend that you get your hearing aids cleaned in our office every few months to keep them at optimal performance.

We also provide earwax removal. It’s normal to have some earwax because it helps to lubricate the ear canals and keep debris out of the ears. But sometimes we can produce excess earwax that builds up and causes an obstruction. If you are experiencing pain from an obstruction, or if you are having a hard time hearing because of excess earwax, our hearing aid doctor can remove it with a special curette or with irrigation.

Hearing Test and Consultation

We provide free hearing tests at Hearing Aids St Augustine.

This will help us determine what type of hearing aids will be the best for you depending on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

We will always discuss with you the best solution and take into consideration your wants and needs.

Call our hearing aid dispenser for your free test!

Hearing Aid Programming

Our highly trained team at Hearing Aids St Augustine will program your hearing aids to make everyday sounds clear and comfortable.

We will adjust your hearing devices anytime you feel that they aren’t sounding right.

If you feel that you need your hearing aids adjusted, give our hearing aid programmer a call today!

Customer Testimonials

I called to find hearing aids near me and found Hearing Aids St Augustine .I asked them, “how much is a hearing aid?” I talked to the hearing specialist St Augustine, who provided me with a range of prices and the different features that each hearing aid had. I made an appointment and was able to purchase within my budget.

Dana Y

I was able to find some hearing aids near me at Hearing Aids St Augustine. The audiologists near me helped me understand why hearing aids cost so much. They were very good at addressing my concerns.


I was asking my coworker about his low cost hearing aids and he told me to look for some hearing aid stores near me. I decided to look up hearing aid reviews online and saw that many people recommended the hearing aid specialist at Hearing Aids St Augustine. The hearing specialist near me helped me by answering my questions and counseling with me about which hearing aids are best for my hearing loss. I had the best service.

Jeff H

About St Augustine Florida

St Augustine is a city on the northeast coast of Florida. It lays claim to being the oldest city in the U.S. and is known for its Spanish colonial architecture and Atlantic Ocean beaches.

The population is over 15,000 and the average household income is $70,000. The median age in St Augustine is 41.5 years.

Six million visitors go to St Augustine to delight in the city’s European flavor, with centuries- old buildings, horse drawn carriages, and hidden courtyards. St Augustine is known for its impressive roster of top rated hotels, restaurants, and 42 miles of beaches.

Cities surrounding St Augustine include:

  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  • Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Atlantic Beach, FL
  • Green Cove Springs, FL
  • Neptune Beach, FL
  • And many other areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of hearing aids?

There are many different types, or styles of hearing aids. Our audiologist St Augustine FL will recommend a style based on your hearing loss, budget and lifestyle needs. Hearing aids come in the following styles: Behind-the-ear (BTE), Receiver-in-Canal (RIC), In-the-ear (ITE),In-the-Canal (ITC), Completely-in-Canal (CIC), and Invisible (IIC). Call our audiologist St Augustine today for a hearing test!

How much are hearing aids?

Hearing aids range from $1000 to $4000 per unit. The higher end hearing devices are more expensive because of the state of the art technology and features. We carry all hearing aid brands and we will work with your budget to make sure that you can get the best hearing aids for your lifestyle.

What are the different types of hearing loss and the causes of hearing loss?

There are three types of hearing loss, Sensorineural, Conductive, and mixed.

Sensorineural is the most common type of hearing loss. It happens when the inner ear nerves are damaged. This can be due to age or exposure to loud noise or ototoxic medications. This type of loss can usually be treated with the use of St Augustine hearing aids.

Conductive loss is the result of something obstructing the outer or middle ear. This can be a result of fluid, earwax, or a tumor.

Mixed hearing loss is a combination of both sensorineural and conductive loss.

How do I find a good hearing aid practice that gives hearing tests near me?

The best way to find a good business is to ask your friends, coworkers or neighbors who they have seen. Hearing Aids St Augustine has many patients that refer their family and friends to us because they know that we give the best service! Call our St Augustine hearing center today for your free hearing test St Augustine FL!

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Hearing Aids St Augustine has been privileged to serve the St Augustine community for so many years! We love our patients and have enjoyed getting to know them better every time they come in for hearing aid adjustments or repairs. We often see them when they purchase batteries or other accessories. It gives our team a chance to catch up on what they’re doing and what’s happening in their lives. We are grateful to have close relationships with many of them.

We want to help everyone who walks through our doors have successful results with their hearing aids. We want you to hear what you’ve been missing!

We know that when you come to Hearing Aids St Augustine, you will be highly satisfied with your service and care.Call us today for all of your hearing care needs. Come in today for your free hearing test and consultation!

Hearing Aids St Augustine

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